Obama Afghan ambassador says Biden’s withdrawal has created a GLOBAL crisis

Obama’s former Afghan ambassador, Ryan Crocker, said yesterday that Biden’s terrible withdrawal has created a global crisis by emboldening violent Islamic radicals:

Crocker says:

“It has created a global crisis, quite frankly. It has emboldened violent Islamic radicals, and I think we’re all gonna see the fallout of that, certainly in Pakistan, a champion the Taliban.

The Taliban victory, the narrative of defeating the great infidel, empowers radicals in Pakistan that they’re going to have to deal with if they can. And that’s a country of 220 million people with nuclear weapons.

Crocker says that both Russia and China, who have their own muslim populations, are tuned in and watching what happened in Afghanistan and “might be doing a little bit of high-fiving”, but says it’s not going to last.

He then makes this ominous prediction, saying “What is happening in Afghanistan isn’t going to stay in Afghanistan. This will be felt around the world.”

This is very much like what the Afghan woman told Biden last week when she said “you destroyed not Afghanistan but the world!”



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