tháng 8 2021

Obama’s former Afghan ambassador, Ryan Crocker, said yesterday that Biden’s terrible withdrawal has created a global crisis by emboldening violent Islamic radicals:

Crocker says:

“It has created a global crisis, quite frankly. It has emboldened violent Islamic radicals, and I think we’re all gonna see the fallout of that, certainly in Pakistan, a champion the Taliban.

The Taliban victory, the narrative of defeating the great infidel, empowers radicals in Pakistan that they’re going to have to deal with if they can. And that’s a country of 220 million people with nuclear weapons.

Crocker says that both Russia and China, who have their own muslim populations, are tuned in and watching what happened in Afghanistan and “might be doing a little bit of high-fiving”, but says it’s not going to last.

He then makes this ominous prediction, saying “What is happening in Afghanistan isn’t going to stay in Afghanistan. This will be felt around the world.”

This is very much like what the Afghan woman told Biden last week when she said “you destroyed not Afghanistan but the world!”



Australia is on the cutting edge of authoritarianism when it comes to COVID and this video is only the latest example of how draconian they’ve become:

The video starts with a man who has COVID and apparently doesn’t care, with video showing him coughing alone in a ‘public lift’ without covering his mouth. They have a warrant for his arrest.

Then we have ominous words from the police chief. He says this man is an example of the “worst of the worst”.

Next in the video is a group of teenagers being arrested and fined $1,000 each for daring to gather outside of their home for a little fun. It didn’t say anything about them having COVID.

The ominous police chief is back again, saying “there are 681 penalty infringement notices issued in the last 24 hours. More than 400 of those notices were again for people being outside of their homes without a reasonable excuse.”

That’s just the first half of the video. I’ll let you watch the rest and comment below…


Cotton made the comments during an exclusive interview with Fox News' "Sunday Morning Futures," where he stressed that the "chaos" in Afghanistan is "tragic" and "heartbreaking" for "so many veterans who served in Afghanistan and their Gold Star families. 

The Arkansas senator also called the president’s withdrawal "ill-conceived" and "ill-planned," noting that there are "anywhere from 10 to 15,000 Americans stranded behind Taliban lines," who cannot get to the airport.  

"In effect these Americans are hostages to the Taliban," Cotton said. 

Cotton said that yesterday Secretary of State Blinken claimed that we should just accept the reality that the Taliban are in control of Kabul. But Cotton strenuously disagrees, saying:

We don’t have to accept that. The Taliban is in control of Kabul until the United States says we are in control of Kabul. And if they want to attack our people at that airport, we have more than enough combat power in the United States military to fight back and destroy those attacks. That’s what Joe Biden should say we’re going to do until we get every single American out of Afghanistan.

He’s exactly right. There’s no way we should leave any American behind in Afghanistan, especially after Biden let the Taliban have it so easily. If it means staying in Kabul until the job is done, that’s exactly what we should do and we should dare the Taliban to come at us.

But I think we should do even more than just stay at the airport. Many countries are sending their troops into Kabul to get their people out, except the US. Biden believes in trusting the Taliban to allow safe passage, but that’s a deal with the devil that ain’t going like he’d hoped. Biden needs to send our troops out into the city to extract our people and get them to the airport safely. End of story.

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